Rides Of Your Mind

“Magical beings navigating through seas of blood, looking for islands inhabited by elephants. Floating cities enclaved on land without borders, cleaved by buildings that look like the tower of Babel. Flocks of birds that cross ocher skies and solitary trees are visited by languid giraffes “…

Newspaper “MILENIO”
October 17 2007

Navarro, who over the past year has been professionally dedicated to painting, has presented his work in places like the Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts Gallery and the Diamond House. The feeling of freedom is one of the main issues in making its work and is also one of the things that tries to convey to the viewer. About his style, Navarro explains that it is a fusion between abstract and figurative and which is identified with surrealism and magic realism.

“Público, Diario Independiente”
October 17 2007

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