Juan Carlos Navarro Sánchez

The visual artist Juan Carlos Navarro was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco in 1975. From childhood he showed habil ity for drawing and painting, which It was developed over time. Some of the techniques discussed since adolescence were pastels and acrylic. Actualm entity has ce ntrado in the management of oil evolving into a style acquired an autodidact. Onsite training Engineer Architect has permeated his work with a peculiar cubism, but even more, with the relevance of light, figure and space. His work has been exhibited in Jalisco, Mexico City, Zacatecas, Oaxaca,Colima, Guanajuato, among other places in both collective and individual exhibitions. One of the most important has been to Paris held in the 2015.

“Natural” shows us the tranquility of the free spirit personified both animal and plant part. Juan Carlos Navarro aims to portray the complexity of being and the force of the act of living in each branch, leaf and fruit, but especially in the spiritual awakening that is gradual and takes root in the mind … this awakening is nourished by thoughts , feelings, ideas and full concepts. There isspontaneity in the characters, as their disparate foliage follow random paths, however, their human bodies buy them put to internalize and medit ar where his soul goes. also, enjoy abundance and welfare, emanating light and are in peace with themselves, and thereby, coexist with other different beings uniting in a single individual. In a splendid and dynamic full tree of life.

“Image Sonora Kinetics” the artist alludes to the imaginary of Jazz of the legendary American cities. Apparently, the series was painted the rhythm of saxophone, piano, percussion and other wind instruments and strings. Juan Carlos Navarro introduces us improvised and altered atmosphere that produces the musical syncopation with singular mastery of perspective and dimensions represented. Undoubtedly, there is a desperation a rush and a search for ubiquity and simultaneity in the first jazz musicians of the last century and these qualities are reflected in the traces of the author … as if to interpret the standing musical and pictorial za while fusing .

“Anthology” collects to “Beings of Light” and “Somewhere” both deal with dreams and unlimited imagination. Juan Carlos Navarro emphasizes the power of reason to build reality. The well -detailed facial expressions and the dissolution of the corporeal volatile as something we talk about the primacy of ideas and immaterial. In short, their creations n lead you to an ethereal,dreamlike and incorporeal universe.